Creepy Brooklyn home owned by State Sen. Kevin Parker

The art installation in front of the home co-owned by State Sen. Kevin Parker.
The art installation in front of the home co-owned by State Sen. Kevin Parker.
Gabriella Bass

The Brooklyn home with a garbage pile “art installation” on the front lawn that’s been creeping out neighbors for months is partially owned by state Sen. Kevin Parker, records show.

The two-story blight, found on Avenue H in Flatlands, is owned by Parker’s sister but it turns out the pol has a 50% stake in the property, his most recent financial disclosure records from 2019 show.

Lawmakers are required to submit the disclosures to the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics, which publishes the records on their website.

Buried on page 17 of the form is a section where lawmakers must disclose properties they own and it shows Parker listed the Avenue H monstrosity and wrote he had 50% ownership.

Neighbors alerted The Post about the home last week, calling the macabre decorating “creepy,” “terrible,” “an eyesore” and “scary.”

Since The Post’s Friday story, the property hasn’t seen any signs of improvement. The only change is a red cloth that’s been inexplicably tied to a bannister.State Sen. Kevin Parker with his sister Toni Parker.

State Sen. Kevin Parker with his sister Toni Parker.Facebook

Parker, who’s about section on the state’s senate website says he’s “committed to restoring the overall quality of life for the constituents of the 21st Senatorial District in Brooklyn,” didn’t return multiple requests for comment.

At first glance, the installations look like an artsy, yet misguided, take on Halloween but neighbors say the property has been graced with the ever-evolving construction of garbage, tree limbs and odd sculptures of painted plaster, cement and aluminum foil since December.

A pair of bricks can be seen cemented onto the front walk from the sidewalk, past a makeshift gate constructed of foil and duct tape that extends across the first step towards the house.

Piles of garbage bags and other various detritus can be spotted in the backyard of the home, which falls within Parker’s 21st senatorial district.