A Childless Couple Gives Birth To Triplets And Twins In Less Than a Year



Sarah and Andy Justice from Tulsa, Oklahoma, struggled to conceive.

A fertility expert advised them that in-vitro fertilization would cost them up to US$60,000, and they would still have only a 10 percent chance of becoming pregnant.

As the odds were against them, they started looking into the possibility of adopting a baby.

The process of adopting a newborn was more challenging for them because they wanted to adopt a newborn. They need to speak with the mothers, who ultimately decide to give their children to the said family. Sarah and Andy had approached two mothers, who initially accepted them as adoptive parents, but later changed their minds.

They got lucky eventually when a birthing mother decided to trust them with her child. After Sarah took the mother for an ultrasound, the doctor said he saw not one but three babies! “Wow!” she said. That’s amazing. “We got everything we wanted,” the couple told Tulsa World.