Guy Asks If He’s Wrong For Asking His GF Not To Eat So Much At His Grandma’s


Now, before you cast your judgment, this story is a bit different than what it seems. Some of you may have even been told the same thing by your parents, and most of the time, it’s not about fat-shaming – it’s about manners.

But for the Reddit poster, it’s way more than manners.

AITA for asking my girlfriend not to eat so much (at grandma’s).

The start of the story clarifies a few points here: Ashley grows up in a well-off family and is a vocal advocate for body positivity. Being a plus-size herself, she will call out fat-shamers.

On the other side, we have a man who grew up in poverty, and the two have had multiple occasions of clashing opinions because Ashley could not understand the man’s point of view.

The man’s grandma is a very proud woman and loves sharing food.

Now, people grow up differently, but personally, taking seconds and thirds are sometimes considered bad manners unless the host made the offer. When eating as a group, you don’t want people to lose their shares because you got a little greedy for the food. Some hosts are not well-off enough to make too much.

Ashley got away the first time because nobody told her taking seconds and thirds are bad. The man explained, “To be frank, I didn’t think of it. It hadn’t occurred to me that someone would go to someone else’s house and eat two days’ worth of food in a sitting.”

People are disgusted because this whole issue isn’t about fat-shaming at all – it’s about respecting your partner’s wishes and, literally, the grandma’s meals.