Son Convinces His Mom To Share Her Worldly Wisdom On Signs And It Goes Viral


Motherhood entails more than just raising children. It also involves guiding and protecting their kids by arming them with insightful and time-tested wisdom. Poonam Sapra, aka Mother With Sign on Instagram, decided to share some of her wisdom to the world by holding up signs with relatable advice. This 64-year-old Indian mom is currently going viral on social media for her wholesome and humorous pieces of advice aimed towards moms and kids.

As a mom, Poonam makes sure that her children are well-guided by talking to them and giving them pieces of advice. But, her son Pranav suddenly came up with an idea of sharing her words of wisdom to other moms and kids as well. By writing the messages on a sign, Poonam can share insights that other parents can relate to. Pranav also believed that his mom’s advice can also guide other kids. After finally convincing his mom, he created an Instagram page with the goal of giving out helpful advice to all parents and children who needed a boost of encouragement.

This Indian Mom Gives Out Advice Through Her Instagram Page Mother With Sign

It’s no secret that kids nowadays hardly ever listen to their parents. But perhaps it would be a different story if parents would take their messages to their kids on social media. Poonam and Pranav understand that not all parent-and-child relationships are the same. So, they see to it that their messages are universal and that everyone can relate to them. Their first post was rather simple yet hilarious. It was Poonam holding up a sign saying ‘Green vegetables are good for you!’ followed by another post with a message saying ‘Wear enough clothes, you’ll catch a cold.”

The page was only created 8 months ago but it has now garnered over 125k followers. Her wisdom ranges from encouraging kids to obey their parents to creating inspiring poems as a tribute to all loving moms. The messages she tries to convey are truly worth reading. After going viral on the internet, Poonam expressed her gratitude to the people who continuously showered her with support.

“I guess it touches a chord because it comes straight from the heart,” Poonam said. “I’m just being who I am. I used to talk like this with my son, so now he helps me put all that on Instagram and all the kids there listen too. I’m grateful for the time they give to reading these messages and encouraging me.”

Here Are Some More Of Poonam’s Words Of Wisdom

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Source: Awesome Inventions