Adorable Bald Dog Gives Sweet Look Of Gratitude To The Man Who Saved Him

Adorable Bald Dog Gives Sweet Look Of Gratitude To The Man Who Saved Him

Some humans are just called to the rescue life and that tends to work really well for dogs and cats in the most dire and desperate of situations. That usually translates to dogs with special needs, or dogs with unusual medical anomalies, dogs with deformities, and even senior dogs.

Calvin Tucker has always managed to attract animals in need. He made his first rescue back in 2017 when a tiny grey kitten appeared outside his work looking for help. Tucker didn’t particularly like cats at the time, but something about this one melted his heart.

“The way he looked at me, it touched my heart. So I went back inside and got some crackers and fed them to him,” Tucker said. “The next day, when I got there, he was waiting for me at 7 a.m.”

Later on, Tucker adopted the kitten and named him Henry. Since then, he has gone on to rescue 123 cats and many other animals. He also spends every day feeding feral cat colonies.

With all that experience, it comes as no surprise that Calvin’s “rescue radar” tickled his brain in the nick of time to save a dog in desperate need. The dog’s story is incredible.

Last September, Tucker’s intuition kicked in when he got the feeling that an animal needed his help.

“It was Friday evening, and I was heading home and for whatever reason, something just spoke to me and told me to get off the expressway about six exits before my home,” Tucker said. “When I got off the freeway and turned on the main highway, I saw Wrinkles immediately. He was in the middle of the road, he was scared, cars were coming, honking at him.”

Tucker stopped and used some food to lure the petrified dog off the road.

“I sat there with him for about 15 to 20 minutes,” Tucker said. “He was in bad condition. About 98 percent of his hair was gone and the only thing you saw were wrinkles.”

Tucker took the dog to a foster home where he was given a bath and some TLC. The next day, he collected the pup and took him to see a vet.

The poor pup had severe mange, worms, parasites and a fever. But despite everything, the sweet dog was still incredibly loving and affectionate.

“He laid on the table and we just looked into each other’s eyes and the only thing I saw was that he was happy to be off the streets,” Tucker said. “You could just see the gratitude in his eyes the way he looked at me — he was just at total peace.”

The pup had to stay at the veterinary hospital for the weekend to be treated for his ailments, before being taken to a foster home to start on his long journey to recovery.

“The foster said that he was the sweetest dog that they had ever fostered,” Tucker said. “He got along excellent from day one with her other fosters, he was running around and playing with them and enjoying himself.”

It took about six months before the dog’s fur grew back, but eventually, his wrinkles were replaced with a beautiful, healthy coat.

Tucker contacted Two By Two Animal Rescue in Helena, Alabama, and asked them to help the dog find the loving family he deserved.

Before long, the dog had made a special connection with his perfect humans.

“They did a home visit, and the people came out and met him, and when they met him, it was just love at first sight, both ways,” Tucker said.

It’s hard to tell who is happier!