Dying Man Granted Final Wish—A Visit From His Dog

Dying Man Granted Final Wish—A Visit From His Dog

Our dogs are our best friends, family members, and even our kids. Can you imagine if you knew that you would never get the chance to see your dog again? I knew I was going to want to say goodbye properly, no matter how emotional it might be.

Pete Robson is going through a fatal battle with pulmonary fibrosis, he wants nothing more than to say one last goodbye to his pet dog before passing away.

Ninewells Hospital in Scotland has a strict no-animal policy that they follow strictly but they knew they had to make an exception for Robson as he succumbed to his unfortunate condition.

Peter Robson With His Beloved Dog The hospital granted his last wish to see his dog one last time
Peter Robson With His Beloved Dog

Robson’s dog, Shep, has been his loyal companion for many years and the two are almost inseparable. The two became incredibly close after the death of Robson’s wife nearly eight years ago.

When hospitalized for his condition, he fears he will never see Shep again and it breaks his heart into a million pieces.
Robson Said an Emotional Goodbye

Ashley Stevens, Robson’s niece was at the hospital when the family brought Shep in to say goodbye to her loving grandfather. Stevens was touched by the kindness and generosity of the hospital for allowing this moment to happen. She had written on her Facebook that, “Still in shock that wishes have come true and they made it through today and made a dying man so happy.”

The Love and Emotion In Their Eyes is Undeniably Real

Stevens noted, “We’re very grateful for that last memory,”

Kudos to you, Ninewells Hospital. You made a dying person’s last wish come true and provide his family with a comforting memory for years to come.